Are you trying to raise Funds for your Club/Kinder/School


We at Chris Epworth Photos have a great opportunity for you to raise funds for your group. 

Its easy to organise simple to run and raises heaps of funds for your group.

Family photos can be hard to set up, but with this simple process you arrange 20 minute sessions, get paid grab some basic information from the clients.

On the session day people turn up, we take the photos. All contact with the clients is completed by us. All photos are chosen by the client from an online private gallery.

Whats the package

20 Minute session

5 Digital Images (chosen by the client) from an online gallery. Client can choose more images if they want.

Cost $50 for the client, $40 goes to your club and $10 to us for admin fees.


How to arrange this.....

Contact us at or check out the facebook page

 Want to Book a minisession head over to HERE

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